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subject summaries

From an hour condensed to 30 seconds. We summaries your subjects for you with all the key words and synoptic links you could possibly need. For free.


We will provide you with exclusive courses into key topics that are driving the news. All you need to know in one complete course.

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The Business Update


Our Commercial Awareness service delivers you all the News that matter explained in a clear and concise way.


Gathered from a broad range of trusted sources (FT, Bloomberg, Economist, The Guardian...) to give you an unbiased perspective.


Stay on top of the news while scrolling through instagram or by listening to our podcast. The news you want; wherever and whenever you want.

Exclusive Articles


We provide you in depth insights into key stories with information supported from the world's leading newspapers.


Our Articles will take on new perspectives on essential topics whilst always maintaining an unbiased approach.


We avoid the complicated and unnecessary jargon by constructing a clear analysis which will allow you to discuss the story confidently.


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The way you like it

Everything you need to answer tricky interview questions. Too busy to watch a video? Our podcasts are the ultimate time saver.


We rely on a broad range of resources to ensure we give you a detailed, trustworthy and unbiased explanation of the story


We discuss unique topics with unmatched perspectives. Standing out has never been so easy.

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Now We Know makes staying commercially aware easy. I particularly enjoy the insight articles which have allowed me to understand the details behind news stories to discuss them with greater confidence.
Josh C.
Premium User since July 2019
An amazing service! I love how all the content works so well together. The subject summaries and jargon busters complement really well the courses into specific news stories. Overall a great experience!
Chris F.
Premium User since July 2019
Being always busy with Uni work meant I always had little to no time to stay up to date with the news. Since I joined as a premium user the newsletter has solved my problems and I finally understand what's going on in the news!
Olivia T.
Premium User since June 2019
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