Who are the Civil Service?

The civil service is the bureaucratic power behind the government. Civil servants are unelected employees of the government whose role it is to support the government and implement their work. Civil Servants are supposed to be impartial and independent, they are employed by government after government and must serve each of them equally and with an unbiased perspective.

Within the Government, civil servants are coordinated by the permanent secretary (the most senior civil servant) and are placed in departments and under specific ministers. As employees of the Crown, civil servants regularly move between department and must adapt quickly particularly as political upheavals can be common. Their job roles can cover anything from policy research to office management. As a bureaucracy, the civil service works within particular frameworks and hierarchical structures, employees are promoted on their merit and work. Many civil servants also work outside of parliament, implementing government policies more locally. The NHS and the armed services are also considered another form of civil service.

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