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Who really has an hour to go over a lecture the day before an exam?
Summarised into 30sec-1min reads, we have started to translate Jargon to English so that everyone can quickly get up to speed

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Our podcasts and videos explain unique stories that will allow you to stand out in your next interview.

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Offering both daily and weekly newsletters, we keep you updated on the latest and give key insights on what is happening and why it matters. Summarising our big picture analysis, the weekly update looks to suggest future trends based on what happened in previous weeks.

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Exclusive articles giving you innovative and unbiased accounts into key news stories. We cut through the jargon to give you all the information you need to discuss the story confidently and stand out in interviews.

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Our courses take on essential news topics and show you everything you need to know. They take the information we provide in our articles a step further by offering exclusive insight into the background of the story to highlight potential future developments.

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Ever felt tongue tied? Hurriedly trying to prepare for an interview.
We can help you find unique stories and tell you how to discuss the key points and terms interview.

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Business consultancy

We have partnered up with The Student Consultants to offer support to students either looking to go into consultancy or trying to start up their own businesses. Annual members can get priority support.

lecture requests

Need a specific topic covered? Just let us know. We are constantly expanding our summary resources to help you with your studies and simplify complicated concepts.

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We can offer a anonymous CV review service to premium members. Hit us up when you need a hand!


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For less than the price of a coffee I can stay on top of the news, revise for my Geography Degree, finally understand what Libra is and improve my interview skills each month. Couldn't really ask for more, great service and amazing price!
Mark. W
Premium user since July 2019
I saw a friend checking their Premium Newsletter on their phone and signed up the day after. Love the news updates and everything else that comes with the premium membership. A great platform and for that price you can't go wrong.
Barbara. F
Premium user since August 2019

Frequently asked questions

Premium newsletters help you step even further ahead than our basic newsletters with their detailed analysis and summary of both all premium and free content. They have outstanding insight into key topics that are shaping the news including an analysis of the background factors and possible future developments.

Our journalists follow key stories and create fully fact checked articles to help combat fake news. All content is supported by several unrelated sources to ensure we provide you a detailed and unbiased account of the news story.

Whilst mainly targeted at students and young professionals, anyone is welcome to get a membership. We do our best to help out and anyone is welcome to become a member of our community!

Now We Know was born as a solution to the problems we encountered as students at University. We wanted to save time whilst making it easier for people to understand the world around them at a very affordable rate.

Always. Just send us a message if you are interested in working with us. We’d love to hear from you!